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There are many reasons to go and visit the Sin City. If you want a break from playing online poker, why not trying other forms of entertainment, with a more physical appeal?

It’s shocking, really, given Las Vegas’ freewheeling, skin-loving, anything-goes reputation, that there are only a handful of places along the Strip where one can sunbathe sans top. Yes, we’re talking “Euro-style” sunbathing, aka topless pools or “adult pool experiences” in PR-speak. For those seeking a seamless tan, the future looks bright.

Make no mistake, these are not spring-break pool parties. These mini utopias are exclusive, serene, and lavish with a splash of tasteful nudity; kind of like a foreign film festival. With pampering perks like cucumber slices and frozen towel services, poolside massages and Evian face spritzers, snazzy hors d’oeuvres and fruity libations, the adult pool experience is becoming more popular by the sun-soaked second.

The Venus Pool at Caesar’s Palace was the original haven for those hoping to sunbathe without the restriction of a top. Fittingly named after the Roman goddess of love, the pool was guests-only until it partnered with nightlife specialist Pure Management Group, got a face-lift, and opened its doors to the public. For a small fee ($20 for women, $35 for men), anyone can sip a mojito and sunbathe al fresco with a DJ spinning in the background.

Beach Club 25 at the Stratosphere is another pool where tops are not required. Located on the 25th floor of the towering property, the site offers spectacular views and is open to the public ($10 for men, free for women).

The few remaining topless options are strictly reserved for hotel guests. The Moorea Ultra Beach Lounge at Mandalay Bay is set apart from the 11-acre Mandalay Beach, has three pools, and aims to make every guest feel like a VIP. All for the small daily fee of $10 for women and $40 ($50 on weekends) for men. At the other end of the Strip, the European-style Sunset Pool at Wynn Las Vegas has lily pad style perches to lounge on and provides the top-notch service associated with Wynn.

On the horizon, the Mirage is building a similar space, to be cleverly called Bare, and the Venetian has partnered with Tao nightclub to create a topless-friendly 15,000-square-foot outdoor pool and entertainment deck enclosed by a Zen garden. Though nothing else has been officially announced, other hotels are bound to start loosening their ties, kicking off their shoes, and sitting poolside with a drink, a smile, and, brag about it, really.

So after a long night of gambling at Las Vegas casinos, a good idea is to try one of these pools to celebrate your success.

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Here are a few tips to improve your wining chances with Online Bingo. Yes it is a game of pure chance but it is still better to find the best opportunities in the market.

Whether you are new to Bingo games online or whether you are an experienced gamer, a few tips could always prove to be useful. Especially players who are not able to work out the true reasons for their current failure in the game may find these tips handy.

With such tips it would be easier for them to build up their game strategies and rectify the mistakes they have so far been committing.

Big mistake that most of the gamers commit is to think that they should play Bingo only to win the game. Winning could be a benefit but the fun and enjoyment despite losing at times could be great. However, if you are determined to find out the winning way you should first of all choose such games where the number of players is limited.

Experience has no substitute and you should try to accumulate as much experience as possible sharing views and opinions with others through chat, forum discussions and direct encounters. Also try to get the bingo bonus ball while playing since it can double your earnings when you win. Always select the higher paying cards, at least those above $0.25 that would ensure better winnings.

However the most important tip for you is to select a site that carries good reputation on playing as well as payoffs. Sites like party bingo or 888 bingo can provide you with best online Bingo and it does not offer fraudulent games like dishonest gaming sites online.

Last but not the least, play like a true professional, and be careful while playing. Also look for bargains for new players who join a site or bingo sites that offer good jackpots.

Poker tilt /poker-tilt/ Sun, 09 Jun 2013 07:52:46 +0000 /?p=27 I went on tilt today for the first time in a very long time (well probably over two months). I started off my session at $1/$2 limit with some big losses right off the bat. I got down very early and never got back up. I stayed between being down $20 to $25 for a long while, but then a few losses pushed me off the edge.

I went on tilt and did the stupid things that people do on tilt. I finally left after a pretty big loss where I had a straight and flush draw and was betting with it (not too smart), but missed it completely. I had already realized I was on tilt and should have been able to control it. Maybe it was worth the money lost to learn the lesson and get tilt out of my body for hopefully a long while.

Luckily, I did realize I had to leave and get a coffee somewhere. I told myself if I lost $40, I would leave, and I stuck to this. I left down $46 after a 200 minute session. It sucked, but hopefully I will learn something from it. One thing I did realize while I was on tilt was that I could steal a lot more pots (usually preflop) with sheer aggression.

I stole hands with raises from all over the place, not just steal position. I think a lot of my sessions have been lacking the many small pot steals. I probably won’t try this, but I did realize that it worked on a number of times (though it probably hurt me more times than helped after the few times I was caught).

Too bad this session came because I had been on a slight roll. I had won about $50 straight since my last big losing session of -$92. Well, I’m knocked down back to square one. I think I’ll be taking a break for a few days. Hopefully I’ll be able to not play until Friday. I need the break, and I hope I’ll have the self-control to not play (because I’m always tempted to play when I don’t have much to do).

Selecting an Online Poker Room /selecting-an-online-poker-room/ Fri, 14 Dec 2012 22:33:24 +0000 /?p=11 pokerstars codeWhenever you are looking to play in a totally new Internet based poker room, what do you wish to find? How do you select one out of the hundreds offered on the Web? Do you simply make clicks on the very first advertisement that comes on your way and then download that particular software? Make queries to buddies about where the play? Sign up for largest bonus code you can put your sight on?

Do you choose a poker room via software, or through the network? All of these are some methods which a lot of the players take into consideration before opting for a particular online poker operator. And as a matter of fact, they are certainly not bad. At the end of the day, you are certainly the best possible individual to be aware of what you like and what you are looking for. But there are a lot of the things which you should be aware of that could aid you a great deal in the overall selection process.

First thing first, the world of the web is a huge place to say the least. Try first to have a look around. If you have a specific poker room of your choice in mind, make searches to find more data about this particular gaming operator. Go through a few of the stuff that you encounter.

Don’t fall for the initial Poker room reviews that you read. There are a good number of websites offering non-biased poker news, do not believe everything you read as some sites are just trying to make commissions by recommending rooms that are not necessarily the cream of the cream.

Look for some more reviews and recent news. Online poker changes fast so you must get the most updated information. For instance today Pokerstars announced that they reached and agreement with the DOJ to take over Full Tilt Poker. This is certainly a game changer, reinforcing pokerstars’ position as the leader of poker online. If you have not yet joined, use a pokerstars marketing code to benefit from their latest bonus offers.

Generally speaking if you haven’t fallen for anything as yet, then you should make a search on the provider of the software or the network provider. Such details should be offered on the About page generally located at the bottom of the home page. Not all of the poker rooms are located in the very same network, certainly, but they all make use of the same poker software, and you can go through them. Have a go at some of the poker forums and have fun.

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You might be a great fan of the card games such as the Five Card Stud, the games of poker or blakjack or may be any other famous table games, but you might not be having much of a time in driving to the casino during hectic schedules. Well, this is the most common problem that we gaming enthusiasts face in our daily lives.

However, since every single problem has a solution this particular problem of the gambling freaks also has a simple solution? The best possible thing is the knowledge that you can presently have the merriness of gambling straight from your home. This is all possible owing to the presence of the online casinos on the world wide web.

Lately, online casinos are considered to be the best place to relish some real fun and enthrallment. You don’t need to drive or fly to a remote brick and mortar casino in order to play your preferred games. You do not need to worry about the dress or the manner you appear or not as the majority of the casinos adhere to a specific dress code, but not online casinos obviously.

Moreover, alongside the online casinos you do not need to make a plan whether you will be going to a casino at an inconvenient time in order to refrain from the Saturday night’s crowds who fill the tables so much that it is often hard to find a good table. Instead all you require doing is to switch in your home PC or notebook, login to your favorite gaming operator on the web and simply click on to the lobby to play blackjack or other fun games.

The casinos on the Web provide you with the perfect getaway from the normal crowded land based casinos and also especially for those people who do not prefer to make much of a travel to play ganes. Of all the casino games, the most common ones include blackjack, the game of roulette, poker, craps and a lot more. Blackjack is particularly interesting for people who like a bit of strategy in their decision making and not pure luck.

As a matter of fact if you follow either a basic strategy or an advanced strategy in online blackjack, the house edge is tiny, usually less than 1%. In other words playing blackjack does not have to be costly. You may win some, lose some, but over the long term your bankroll should remain quite stable and you can enjoy the game for a long time without redepositing.


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Rushmore /rushmore/ Sun, 18 Dec 2011 13:39:43 +0000 /?p=19 rushmoreIf you are a casino enthusiast like me, you are more than likely to come across the Rushmore Casino banner. Indeed, this is one online casino that has a strong web presence. Within a short span of time since its inception in 2007, Rushmore casino has reached the top of the popularity charts. Licensed in Antilles, Netherlands, Rushmore Casino uses the Real Time Gaming (RTG) platform and has gained an excellent reputation for being a fair and safe online venue to place your bets. This is not only because of the Fairness certifications they possess but also due to the fact that the management believes their customer comes first. The casino makes every effort to keep their clients satisfied and happy with their services.

Software and Graphics

RTG has been in the business of gaming software for a long time, powering many a gambling site. Over the years, they have continuously provided innovative playing features and graphics that remind you of a real life casino environment. It is no different with Rushmore Casino – you will find cutting edge technology used to design the site. The sheer variety of games available and the speed at which the games play out compares to none.

You have the option to download the software or play through your browser (the instant version). Although in the instant play version the games are smaller than the downloadable version, you will find no compromises in the game features. The instant play version is ideal to get a hang of the software and understand the games before you download it to your computer. Compelling graphics and sounds make playing at Rushmore Casino an unforgettable experience. You can also keep track of your gaming history and financial transactions which is a very useful feature.

Game Variety

Rushmore provides the players a huge variety of games to choose from. Enjoy an interesting selection of three reel slots and 5 reel video slots with amazing bonus rounds that will boost your bankroll. The latest offering is Slots tournaments held every day of the week. If blackjack is your favorite, there are varieties you can choose from. Some of the rare games like Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon and Tri Card Poker are also available. If you like to spin the wheel, play Roulette or try your hand at Craps and Video Poker, it’s all available at Rushmore Casino.

Bonus and Promotions

Rushmore offers some of the best bonuses you could find in the online gambling world. New players are welcomed with $888 free bonus. You receive 100% match bonus up to $400 on your first deposit and another 100% on the second one up to $488. To avail the bonus offers, the minimum deposit is $30. Besides, there are special bonuses offered for Blackjack and Slots. Bonuses keep raining down at Rushmore – there are Weekly bonuses, Weekend Bonanzas and special High Roller Bonus for the high rollers. You also get a special bonus and $15 free cash gift for referring a friend to Rushmore Casino. A VIP Rewards Scheme is in place for VIP members who enjoy special bonuses, huge table limits and earn plenty of comp points.

Banking Processes at Rushmore Casino

Banking is easy at Rushmore casino. All transactions are processed in US dollars and as you may have observed, the casino accepts US players. A number of deposit and withdrawal options are available to the players. Choose from the usual credit card deposits like Visa, MasterCard and American Express or opt for other methods like Click2Pay, Neteller, MoneyBookers, EcoCard, UseMyWallet or Gold Pay. The casino is reputed to be the quickest in terms of payouts so you can expect your withdrawals to be processed smoothly within just a few minutes. No waiting for days or weeks to receive your winnings as was the case earlier.

Customer Service

Should you encounter any problem while playing or making your deposit, just pick up the phone and call the toll free numbers on the website and you will be assisted by the customer care staff. However, toll free numbers are available only for US and UK customers, although an international telephone line and fax is also available if you need help. Of course, you can contact the support staff via email. Rushmore casino has tried to make things easier for the customer by providing a detailed FAQ on their website. This helps to clear doubts and explains the general issues.

Rushmore Casino takes customer satisfaction very seriously. In keeping with this policy, the team makes every effort to offer clients the best online gambling experience that is second to none. The website with its sleek design itself attracts new players and once they join, they keep coming back for more. Fairness certification by Technical Systems Testing ensures that Rushmore casino is indeed a safe place to wager your money and have fun at the virtual tables. Bonuses and rewards are among the best in the industry and the game variety will leave you spoilt for choice. Overall, the high rating for Rushmore Casino is not misplaced and I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life playing there.