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Most Popular Casino Video Games






The most popular casino games are those where a person can have fun and that place goes to slots games.

These games are a combination of many different games and a lot of fun. You should insert coins and when you press the start button the wheels are spinning. You never know how lucky you can be! The slots addiction comes from the same games provided in the machines. There are many interesting combinations of colors and figures such as faces from movies, fruits, things. You can also win a jackpot that is quite a big amount of money. Slots design attract the players so that it is one of the most popular and attractive game ever.


This is a card game. It consists of two parts; the first part is the dealer who deals out two cards to the player and keeps two. It has one card face down and one face up. The second part is the player. It has to call a hit to get a card or double to double the bet. Blackjack games are more complicated but you will have fun while playing them.


Roulette is played on a board called the same name. This game consists of a table that contains numbers from 0-36 and chips that change the real money which are bets from the players. You can bet on even/odd, red/black and high series (19-36) and low series (1-18). The dealer spins the wheel where the ball is present. After the wheels stop, the ball lands in one of the provided numbers. All players that have played the number win prizes.


This is another type of cards games. It is based on cards and chips. A player has five cards in the hand and the player with the best cards in a hand wins. Cards in hand should be from the lowest to highest. We can say that this type of game is considered as one of the most difficult casino game and not everyone knows how to play it.


This is a dice game. The rules are the following: a player bets on a series of rolls. For example, if on the first roll turned up eleven or seven, they are winning numbers. But, if on the first roll turn up two, three or twelve, a player loses money. You continue to have the right for rolling the dice. Until it comes 7, you have chances for winning.


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